We continually strive to provide the best facilities and service possible to all of our customers. In order for us to achieve and maintain the high standards that we set ourselves, we value and monitor any comments received.


Thank you to all of our customers for their comments.


May 2022

“Fabulous place. Receptionist was great and so helpful-well done Gill Berry thanks for your amazing customer service skills”


December 2021

“Nicely appointed office complex with suites of varying sizes to let.”


November 2019

“A very smart looking interior with keeping the exterior looking like the old mill. Very friendly staff and great amenities.”


April 2020

“Great meeting rooms and service, highly recommend.”


May 2015

“Superb venue & hospitality with all of the facilities we require for our event – good value.”


April 2015

“Excellent value for money.  Great customer care – many thanks.”


February 2015

“Good feel to the venue and served our purposes well.”


November 2014

“Good facilities, Good rooms.  Staff very helpful.  Thank you.”